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“Welcome to Mind Solutions.  My name is Anna Yates and I am a UK qualified, experienced
and successful Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach,
living and working in Dubai.  Along with my amazing team of British therapists, I am delighted to offer you the
opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to identify and implement the changes you want
and need to make in order to reach your goals and achieve your full potential.

Whether it is a fear or phobia you need to put behind you, an addictive behaviour you want to overcome, anxiety, stress, weight, sleep, confidence, relationship issues or anything else that is mind related, we can help you push past these blocks and turn your hopes and dreams into reality – all within the safety and privacy of a comfortable, confidential and homely environment or via Skype if you are unable to attend in person.  We look forward to welcoming you to Mind Solutions soon and helping you to move forward towards the best version of yourself.”

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world

until we make peace with ourselves”

– Dalai Lama XIV


Our Therapies


Having been around for centuries, hypnotherapy  is a relaxing way to treat stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, fears and phobias, PTSD, OCD and many other issues.  It can also be used to help people achieve goals, such as performance enhancement, public speaking, developing a better golf swing, motivation to exercise/study/practise the piano.

With experience in everything from
self-confidence and exam nerves in children to panic attacks and grief in adults, we can help you – simply by helping your subconscious mind work its own magic.

And this can all be achieved easily and quickly, within the safety of a confidential, welcoming and homely environment.

Virtual Gastric Band

A totally non-invasive alternative to surgery, Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) involves you having an imaginary gastric band fitted whilst you are in hypnosis, in order to make it easier for you to overcome the mental and emotional habits and issues you have regarding eating and food.

Our VGB programme will help you to reduce your portion sizes, start to eat slowly and mindfully, stop the obsessional thoughts about food and weight and help you to make healthy choices about what, when, why and how you eat while enabling you to develop a better relationship with food and
your body – permanently!

Weight Management

Our Weight Management programme is specifically aimed at clients who wish to reduce their weight and who are experiencing issues with their relationship with food. Whether it is to finally lose that post-baby weight, or shift those last few kilos that are hanging around, this is the programme for you.

We will re-educate you about your relationship with food and your body permanently, addressing all areas of your life – not just what you are eating, but also what you are drinking, making sure you are drinking plenty of water, exercising, sleeping, relaxing and generally
giving your body what it needs to help you achieve your goals.

Quit Smoking

With a 95% success rate, we are confident that we can help you quit smoking for good! The only thing you need to succeed is the
will to make it happen.

Using a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and other techniques, we will help you easily, painlessly and quickly put this addiction behind you so that you can move on to a healthier, happier you.

We will help you to change your view of smoking from being a friend, or a crutch, in hard times to what it truly is – a self sabotaging, self-harming habit that you will be delighted to grow out of and leave behind you in just two interesting
and fun sessions!

Neuro Linguistic Programming

As one of the most useful tools in our therapists’ toolboxes, NLP is used in all of our sessions as part of our standard process of therapy.

NLP helps us to help you change the way you process and react to the information that is fed into your conscious and subconscious mind via your senses, thousands of times a day.

We cannot always control what happens in our life but we can control how we react to what happens. That is the difference between feeling in control, or out of control, of the quality of your life! If you have an interest in finding out how you can use NLP in your daily life, ask us for details of our next NLP workshop.

Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to help you achieve clarity in your life and the confidence to work through issues and challenges that are holding you back from enjoying a rewarding and harmonious life.

Using a blend of NLP, hypnotherapy and other techniques, our life coaching sessions can help you put the past in the past, identify the future you want and create an plan of action to successfully achieve the future you want.

It is often difficult to see the wood for the trees when dealing with life’s daily struggles, but having someone who is impartial to help you  view things from a different perspective is often all you need to get you on track.




I had been overweight and fighting with obesity for many years and had been experimenting with various diets. Unfortunately nothing worked. The next option was bariatric surgery. Being a doctor and in the management cadre, I have run many hospitals. I was exposed to many drawbacks in this kind of surgery. On further research, I came across gastric mind banding. After reading a lot and being convinced of no side effects, I contacted Anna Yates in Dubai who I found to be very good in this particular field. I contacted her and went through a 5 day course of sessions. In a month I lost about 7 kgs without sacrificing on things I liked to eat. She prepares you well and gives you scientific backing and evidence and since then I have been feeling good. I have a target and I am confident of meeting the target. I feel better. I fit into many of my old shirts and pants that I could not get into. Your mind becomes determined and motivated. So I would congratulate Anna on the excellent work that she is doing.

Dr. Suresh Menon

CEO Ministry of Health, Republic of Seychelles
Anna has given me a totally new perspective on food. I am able to eat exactly as I like and do not deny myself the foods that I love. However, my diet has improved tremendously as I no longer snack on junk food and cakes and biscuits have become an occasional rather than daily treat. Three months after my hypnosis I have lost 9kg with great ease. I find the recordings that Anna gave me very relaxing and still listen to them several times a week.

Jenny Mollon

I originally found Anna when I was searching for a way to stop smoking in Dubai. To be honest she was the first of 3 to answer the phone as I had no idea about what a good or bad therapist was. Anyway I went along to her clinic 2 days later and began the stop smoking course. I found it really helpful as she uses a number of different approaches to get you off the cigarettes. I stopped smoking after the second visit and have not touched a cigarette since. However the real thing that Anna did was open my mind to the whole idea that I was able to control my life, do what I want and have the courage and conviction to make any changes that I needed to become a truly amazing person (which we all are !). I am really grateful for this. I have since been back to see her to stop drinking alcohol as it was the last thing preventing me from reaching my goals. It’s only been a week now but I can tell it is going to work as I don’t even think about it anymore. To finish off, Anna is a very good listener and offers lots of good advice outside of her advertised realms of expertise.

Lee Wagstaffe

I have been a smoker for a few years. I decided at my age it was time to take the plunge and quit. Anna provides hypnotherapy for people to quit smoking, so I obviously booked her straight away! In the first session, Anna spent over 3 hours with me, talking about the merits of quitting smoking, chatting on a personal level, allowing me a few smoke breaks and provide preparatory hypnotherapy to listen to. At the end of the session she provided homework for me, to prepare for the big hypnotherapy session two days later. On the big day I was nervous, but Anna’s personality and calming demeanour helped me to settle and listen to the final reasons of why I should stop smoking. We then proceeded with the hypnotherapy. The whole process was calm, easy to absorb and just… easy. Anna is kind, understanding and persuasive in a good way! I would highly recommend you see her if you want to quit smoking! I am now a non-­smoker and it is all thanks to Anna!

Shelina Jokhiya


The Mind Solutions villa is situated near Umm Al Sheif Street in Umm Suqeim 1. We pride ourselves on our private and confidential environment, so we do not use any signage outside. The house is on a quiet road, so nobody will see you entering. You do not need to wait in a busy reception area and there is no need to explain to anyone why you are there.

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