In the Press

Podcast: Weight Loss Hypnosis with Mind Solutions

Two Mums In Dubai – Weight Loss with Mind Solutions – Debbie was interviewed by the two mums in Dubai podcast where the main focus was on weight loss.

The National - Tips On Ways To Work Smart In The Workplace

Anna was asked to contribute to another article by The National in January 2016, this time on the article: ‘Five UAE experts share their tips on ways to work smart in the workplace’.

The National - UAE Women Find Freedom and Control as They Go their Own Way in Business

The National article ‘UAE women find freedom and control as they go their own way in business’, published 12th January 2016, featured quotes from Anna, as well as other successful business women in UAE.

Love is Blind

Anna was interviewed by Nicola Beer – Relationship, Divorce and Dating Coach, author of 2 highly successful books, and our new go-to person for issues of the heart, for a podcast on Strategies To Stick to New Habits and Changes in 2016, just in time for New Years Resolutions.

Well-Being: The Tools of Therapy

Anna was approached and interviewed by Khaleej Times for the article, Well-Being: The Tools of Therapy. The article was published in wknd in July 2015.

How to Say No

When Friday Magazine did an article on How to say no, they asked Anna for her contributions and tips on how to use Pause Button Therapy. The article was published in May 2014.

Gastric Mind Band Therapy Tested

Aquarius magazine asked Anna to help one of their own with testing out the Gastric Mind Band program, and published their results in July 2013.

Dubai's 'Biggest Losers' Rewarded

In July 2013, Dubai residents were encouraged to lose weight by offering a reward and The National featured Anna for their article.

Losing Weight In Dubai

Popular publication Whats On interviewed Anna for an article on weight loss in Dubai. The article, Think yourself thin, was published in January 2013. Click the link to read the full article.

Think Yourself Slimmer, Smarter And Stronger

Woman’s lifestyle magazine Aquarius asked Anna to contribute to an article in January 2013 titled, Think yourself slimmer, smarter and stronger.

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