Virtual Gastric Band

VGB – by Sheila Granger, UK

Virtual Gastric Band uses the concept of having an imaginary gastric band fitted to help you reduce your portion sizes, eat healthily and develop a better relationship with food permanently.

The sessions also incorporate a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to encourage you to rethink your attitude towards food and eating and move away from the whole dieting concept.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy helps you to end your struggle with food and introduces you to a new, permanent lifestyle of healthy eating habits, which will not only help you to achieve and subsequently maintain your ideal weight easily but also boost your self-esteem in the process, so that you feel much more positive and confident about yourself and your life in general.

Dieting alone is rarely enough to reduce weight and keep it off permanently because diets simply do not address the all-important complex, emotional relationship that overweight people have with food.

Because most diets cannot be sustained for more than a short time, we automatically perceive a diet as a temporary phase; it becomes a form of miserable, self-inflicted torture that you have to suffer through.

Deprivation simply creates stronger desire leading to an obsession with food, craving all the things you are not allowed to eat.  As soon as you come to the end of a diet, you finally give in to overwhelming desires and return to your old unhealthy eating habits, regaining all the weight again and usually, even more.

The normal way to change our habits is by constant repetition of a new behaviour pattern until that becomes accepted by the subconscious and replaces the old outdated pattern.

Your subconscious mind readily accepts new information when you are in a relaxed state, so we can speed up the process of changing habits by speaking directly to your subconscious mind and reprogramming it, using hypnosis.

Unlike a diet, Virtual Gastric Band therapy is an enjoyable experience, after which you will be able to relax around food and no longer be obsessed by it.

You will not feel deprived or restricted about what you can or cannot eat and more importantly, you will find it easy to slim down to the target weight you have set yourself because for the first time ever, both your conscious and your subconscious mind will be working together, locked onto your goal, giving you all the motivation you need to succeed!

What to expect?

The initial phase of the VGB treatment consists of four interesting and fun sessions, totaling approximately 6 hours of therapy, which can be undertaken over variable timescales. Some clients prefer to have the sessions on consecutive days; others choose to take them on alternate days, over an eight day period.  Clients can spread them over a couple of weeks or even longer if they wish but it is preferable to keep the sessions close together to really bombard the subconscious with the new suggestions and get on track heading towards your goal as quickly as possible.

Clients will experience hypnosis at the end of each session and be given a copy of the hypnosis session to listen to, as often as possible, in between sessions.  This is a crucial factor in the success of the therapy as it ensures the ease and speed that the subconscious responds to the suggestion work.

Then, to ensure that the rate of weight loss being achieved is in line with expectations and address any issues, clients are required to return for regular ‘weigh in’ sessions until their goal weight is reached.

Mind Solutions is the exclusive provider of the Virtual Gastric Band programme in the UAE and in the entire Middle East.


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